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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well its been a Merry Christmas

And tomorrow I have to go back to work- what a drag. But the time off has been very pleasant and we have had a very nice holiday with the boys.

Santa Claus did a very fine job at my house with everybody giving and receiving the gifts that were as well intended as they were happily received. The spouse is very happy, though intimidated with the new software to run her embroidery machine and she got a couple quilting books that she wanted. Son Noah got a 2nd hand Toshiba laptop and a new printer to take back to Logan for spring term schoolwork. Son Kye got 3 new tires to match the one he had to buy himself just a couple weeks ago and new snowboard bindings to replace the tired ones he had been struggling with.

Me? Well Santa brought me a new Cordless Dremel tool, a clock for my shop, a fat reference book, The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers and a Grizzly Big Bore t-shirt. There's a terrific new sweater from Cabelas that the BSU wants to return for a smaller size, even though I think its perfect as it is.

Christmas day was spent pretty quietly with the boys and just 1 girlfriend in attendance. We had a nice ham dinner and pie and a couple drinks through the day. I talked to most of my family and found time to tinker on the motorcycle and installed Kye's new bindings on his snowboard out in the shop.

I did finally get to work and ski at Powder Mountain Ski Resort on Saturday, though I still haven't had the chance to ride the new high speed, Hidden Lake Express quad lift. The boss had me working at Timberline lift and I was by myself so I never took enough time to go out and ride that new lift. The reports I got about it from skiers say that it is really terrific and that each ride up takes only 7 minutes, instead of the 17 minutes miniumum that the old lift required to get to the top. This weekend I'll ride that new lift and play until I drop.

So its back to work, for a short week after a nice break and then another extended weekend coming for New Years. And more skiing is certainly in my immediate future plans!

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